Das hier sagt Wirecard zu den Vorwürfen der “Financial Times”

15. März 2019

Wirecard notes the recent inaccurate, misleading and defamatory media coverage by the Financial Times. This announcement is being made to communicate the following points, which were made to the journalist prior to publication, to investors.

Wirecard takes all compliance and regulatory obligations extremely seriously. It has very strong governance procedures and controls and these are kept under continuous review, with any findings used to continuously improve them. It also has stringent internal and external audits. Any concerns raised by audits or individuals are always thoroughly and appropriately investigated.

No material compliance findings as to the governance and accounting practices of any Wirecard subsidiary nor the personal conduct of Mr. Kurniawan have resulted from our continuous internal and external audit activities.

It is clear that the journalist has been provided with misinformation. For example, Mr McCrum claims that “fraudulent transaction” concerned contracts between Wirecard and the company Flexi Flex. There cannot be any fraudulent transactions between Wirecard and Flexi Flex as Wirecard does not have and never has had any contractual or commercial relationship with this company. The basis for the Article and the allegations is factually flawed.


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